The Transition Bridge is open to all 

8th Grade Students and Families!

The "Why?"

Middle school is the “in between” years where a student is starting to exhibit skills needed for a successful future. It is a time where teenagers are learning to understand emotions and social pressures along with meeting academic rigor. In those three years, your student has grown beyond imagination. Just as you and your student are getting use to middle school expectations, high school planning begins. 

The "What?"

Transitioning to high school can cause a student and family to become stressed or anxious in the months leading to the change. As a student and family, it is important to gather information and start planning prior to 9th grade. 

YVCS & MRA's Transition Bridge is designed to provide support to students and their families as they embark on the high school journey. In order to have an effective, meaningful transition to high school, students and families need to be given tools for academic and social success. Our unique learning environment is especially beneficial in TK-8th, however, this flexibility changes in the high school years.  

The "How?" & "Who Will Help Me?"

Our highly qualified transition team will guide, mentor, and support throughout the process.  High school is a time to further develop oneself while looking into the future. It is an experience to learn from, enjoy, and celebrate! 

Click on this video to watch an example of an 8th grade Bridge Session!

Transition 8th grade bridge (1).mp4