Adult Transition Program (ATP)

Introducing the P.A.C.E Adult Transition Program!

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Focusing on functional academics with the critical community experience.

ATP Information Session Slides

When students receive a certificate of completion, instead of a high school diploma, they are eligible to continue receiving special education adult transition services until they are 22 years old. 

The purpose of an ATP program is to provide training, support, and an educational program to individuals with developmental disabilities ages 18 to 22 years with the goal being to have the students become as independent as possible.

Our ATP program collaborates with community agencies such as Regional Centers and the Department of Rehab to support students' transition from our program into their post-educational life.   PACE takes great care in ensuring that services and supports are truly individualized. 

Along with meeting eligibility criteria, students must have a current IEP with a current transition plan.

****This is not a diploma program. This is for mod/severe students who have earned their certificate of completion only.****

              Please watch this video for more information on our ATP program!

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